Thanks for all your participation. We proudly announce the final SingSingArirang audtion winners.

The following 10 winners as finalists have been competing in the SingSingArirang TV Audition program, and worked very hard to meet up with mentors’ requirements. Whole process has been filmed and this will be aired through Arirang TV soon.

Again, congratulations on each and every winners.

Rank Winner Prize (KRW)
1st Ryan Kulp(USA) ₩10,000,000
2nd Zeboria Peters (Canada) ₩3,000,000
3rd Jyunky Ryu (China) ₩2,000,000
4th Alex Sigrist(USA), Amiel Giann Surla(Phillipine), Gaia Klyo Tornitore(Italy), JIANG LI ZI (China), Michelle Paris (Malta), Saya (Kazakhstan), Sugiarto (Indonesia) ₩1,000,000 each

Random Gift Card Winners

We really appreciate all your participation(Total 151 entries). Since we limited finalists to ten, we sadly have to let many great works go. In appreciation of your participation, we prepared 30 random winners beside the10 finalists. 30 random winners each will get Amazon Gift card worth $30. This 30 videos are not picked randomly as announced before. Here are the 30 random winners.

  • Gehad Deiaa frin Egypt (
  • Laura de la Portilla Fernández frin Cuba (
  • 알리수아 (Alisoa) frin Madagascar (
  • Augustina Vizbaraite frin Lithuania (
  • Kimberly Princessca frin Indonesia (
  • David kim from Australia (
  • Miguel Alermon from Phillipine (
  • ken Valencia from Canada (
  • Simon Woo from Indonesia (
  • Vlad Skuibida frin Russia (
  • Arsy Saschia Ekka Lakshmi frin Indonesia (
  • Danny from Malaysia (
  • Beth Rang from United States of America (
  • Carlis Rafael Cabrera frin Venezuela (
  • Arasa whith Classics frin Russia (
  • Troshkina Anastasiia frin Ukraine (
  • Guam Kr from Guam (
  • Billy Joe Carlom from Singapore (
  • Thordore Anandez from United States of America (
  • Aliyah Razo from Phillipine (
  • Mei Deung from Australia (
  • Simon Woo from Indonesia (
  • Henah Velez from United States of America (
  • David kim from Australia (
  • edward jimmy from Hong Kong (
  • Namel from Thailand (
  • Citros Tebula from United States of America (
  • Miguel Alermon from Phillipine (
  • Maria Viridiana Bravo López frin Mexico (
  • Grecia Torres frin Peru (