Application process

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You can easily participate audition by doing this

  1. Create your version of Arirang and make a video out of it.
  2. Upload it to YouTube (Hashtags: #SingSingArirang #ArirangTV #Arirang)
  3. Register the video URL (Go to Apply)

Video Specifications

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  • Length: No restrictions
  • Resolution: 1440×1080 or higher

Evaluation & Criteria

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  • Evaluation: Conducted by an external panel of judges with specialists from several areas, e.g. broadcasting, academia, production, and so on.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Adequacy of theme, creativity, marketability, cinematic quality
  • Inquiries: Office of audition operations (

Audition Schedules

  • Pre-Audition (Application) : 15th Sept, 2021 (Wed)~  15th October, 2021 (Fri)
  • Pre-Audition (Judge) : 18th October(Mon), 2021
  • Finalist’s Mission Practice : 30th October(Sat)~5th of Nov(Fri)
  • Finalist’s Competition for Ranking : 12th of Nov(Mon)
  • Award Ceremony : 20th of Nov(Sat)

※ All winners will be listed on the website and contacted on an individual basis. For winners comprised of teams, the team leader will be contacted.

Useful sources

Creation is not easy. But, have a look. There are some Arirang works done by people. You may get the ideas

Arirang Plays | Arirang Vocals | Arirang Dances | Arirang Notes |