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Here are the useful tips & details.

Useful Resources

Creation is not easy. So we prepared some music resources you can freely use. Surely it’s ok to create your own music without using the attached files

※ There are some Arirang works done by people. You may get the ideas

Arirang Plays | Arirang Vocals | Arirang Dances | Arirang Notes |

Application process

You can easily participate audition by doing this

  1. Create your version of Arirang and make a video out of it.
  2. Upload it to YouTube (Hashtag: #SingSingArirang)
  3. Register the video URL (Go to Apply)

Video Specifications

  • Length: No restrictions
  • Resolution: 1440×1080 or higher

Evaluation & Criteria

  • Evaluation: Conducted by an external panel of judges with specialists from several areas, e.g. broadcasting, academia, production, and so on.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Adequacy of theme, creativity, marketability, cinematic quality
  • Inquiries: Office of audition operations (SingSingArirang@gmail.com)

Audition Schedules

  • Pre-Audition (Application) : 15th Sep, 2021 (Wed) ~  7th Nov, 2021 (Sun)
  • Pre-Audition (Judge) : 8th Nov(Wed), 2021 ~  11st Nov, 2021 (Thr)
  • Finalist’s Mission Practice :15th Nov(Mon) ~26th of Nov(Fri)
  • Finalist’s Competition for Ranking : 2nd of Dec(Thr)
  • Award Ceremony : 2nd of Dec(Thr)

※ All winners will be listed on the website and contacted on an individual basis. For winners comprised of teams, the team leader will be contacted.


  • All video entry copyrights belong to each contestant. However, from the day of the contest winner announcement, the copyrights of the prize-winning video entries are then transferred to the Arirang Tv, meaning that the videos can be modified, changed, and utilized (reprocessed if necessary) in all of Arirang Tv’s online channels, including both the official website and social media pages, for the benefit of public interest. All prize-winning videos must submit a separate copy of the video in its original format. The video may be posted on the organizer’s YouTube channel (Arirang Tv) after being edited.
  • Submitted entries may not be modified or canceled.
  • Submitted entries must be free of all potential legal issues, involving matters that pertain to publicity rights, trademark rights, and copyrights related to other media images, videos, audio, phrases, and so on. Upon violation of the above, the entry(s) will be excluded from the entire evaluation process and award eligibility will be forfeit. The applicant(s) involved will also remain solely responsible for any and all civil and criminal charges.
  • All video entries must be comprised of footage filmed firsthand by the applicant (individual or team).
  • Videos that previously won from another contest or were used for commercial purposes may not be submitted.
  • All winning teams will be rewarded the corresponding prize money as per the amount given to one contestant.
  • Following evaluation, if the videos are deemed incomplete, or if the number of entries is fails to coincide with the number of awards, the number of winners may be adjusted. Additionally, there may not be any winner(s) if the quality of entries is insufficient.
  • If video entries are found to be or partly contain someone else’s work, similar work, or plagiarized work, or if production is found to be false, the video entry will be excluded from the rest of the evaluation process. If these facts are disclosed after winning, award eligibility will be forfeit and the prize money must be returned.
  • According to the Income Tax Act, all prize money is paid following a tax deduction, as well as a deduction for public utilities (4.4% of the total prize money).
  • The evaluation process and results will not be open to the public.
  • Arirang Tv is not responsible for any and all issues that may arise from incorrectly written personal information in regard to the receiving of gifts and prizes.
  • Contest and award ceremony scheduling may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances on the part of the organizer.
  • Please refer to the FAQ for further questions related to the contest.