Thanks for your interest and participation in in the Online Seoul Trip Festival with VisitSeoul TV. The application period is now closed.

Evaluation will be conducted by an external panel of judges, and the winners will be announced here at 19:00 October 12, 2020(Monday)

The following is the original contest announcement.

This year’s Seoul Tourism Organization Video Contest has commenced under the theme of 「Online Seoul Trip Festival with VisitSeoul TV」.

The contest details are described below.

Show me your Seoul!

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Important Announcement Regarding the Online Seoul Trip Festival

We regret to inform you that the deadline for the Online Seoul Trip Festival has been delayed. As a result of the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, the government mandated a 2.5 social distancing level for the past couple of weeks. Many applicants have contacted us expressing difficulties with being able to film and create their videos because of the increased social distancing measures.

In order to ensure our applicants’ safety and to take the necessary precautions to prevent another surge of COVID-19 cases, we are delaying the deadline for the submissions of the Seoul Trip Festival.

We ask for your understanding during this time, for this situation, and the seriousness of COVD-19. Once again, we express our sincere apologies, especially to those who have already submitted their superb masterpieces.

Thank you for your time and effort in participating in the Online Seoul Trip Festival with VisitSeoul TV.

  • before: July 31, 2020(Friday)~ September 21, 2020(Monday)
  • now: July 31, 2020(Friday)~ October 5, 2020(Monday)