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Finally the finalists are announced. You can see the winners here (https://singsingarirang.com/winners)

SingSing Arirang

Create your own version of Arirang, and win the prize! (Prize winnings totaling $19,000 will be split & rewarded to 10 contestants)

Express K-Culture

Arirang is a representative folksong in Korea. It’s often considered to be the anthem of Korea. We want you to create your own version of Arirang.

If you are interested in K-Pop, K-Drama or Korean culture, love singing, playing, dancing or expressing in any way possible, this audition is your chance to explore the essence of Korean culture.

Just express Arirang song in your own style. You may win the prize and become a TV star.

Here are two sample audition videos that you may want to check out.

Join the audition

We will pick up to 10 finalists out of the submissions entered.

As previously mentioned, the finalists will not only win the prize totaling $19,000 (KRW ₩22,000,000), but they will also get the opportunity of starring in Arirang TV shows.

※ Arirang TV is a globally well-known TV channel that spreads the uniqueness of Korea to the whole world.

Interested? Then, apply NOW or check out the audition details

Useful Resources

Creation is not easy. But, have a look. There are some Arirang works done by people. You may get the ideas.

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